October 7, 2015

New Titles – Dec 2011/Jan 2012

Here is the full list of titles added to the library’s collections in December 2011-January 2012.

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The JSTOR database  – specializing in humanities and social sciences journals – now includes access to its “Early Content” collection. This collection contains all JSTOR journal articles published before 1923.

According to JSTOR, this collection “includes discourse and scholarship in the arts and humanities, economics and politics, and in mathematics and other sciences.  It includes nearly 500,000 articles from more than 200 journals.” There is more information on JSTOR’s website.

General Collection

  • A primer of drug action : a comprehensive guide to the actions, uses, and side
    effects of psychoactive drugs
    Julien, Robert M.
    (view catalog record)
  • Adolescent substance abuse : evidence-based approaches to prevention and
    Leukefeld, Carl G.
    (view catalog record)
  • An anatomy of addiction : Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the miracle drug, cocaine
    Markel, Howard.
    (view catalog record)
  • Atomic awakening : a new look at the history and future of nuclear power
    Mahaffey, James A.
    (view catalog record)
  • Augmentative & alternative communication : supporting children & adults with complex communication needs
    Beukelman, David R., 1943-
    (view catalog record)
  • Being with dying : cultivating compassion and fearlessness in the presence of death
    Halifax, Joan.
    (view catalog record)
  • Children of chemically dependent parents : multiperspectives from the cutting
    Rivinus, Timothy M.
    (view catalog record)
  • Conscious communication : how to establish healthy relationships and resolve
    conflict peacefully while maintaining independence, a language of connection
    Sherts, Miles.
    (view catalog record)
  • Creating abundance : biological innovation and American agricultural development
    Olmstead, Alan L.
    (view catalog record)
  • Eat what you love : love what you eat : how to break your eat-repent-repeat
    May, Michelle.
    (view catalog record)
  • Educational research : planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and
    qualitative research
    Creswell, John W.
    (view catalog record)
  • Ending neglect : the elimination of tuberculosis in the United States
    Geiter, Lawrence.
    (view catalog record)
  • I remember me : mnemonic self-reference effects in preschool children
    Ross, Josephine.
    (view catalog record)
  • Kiss, bow, or shake hands : the bestselling guide to doing business in more
    than 60 countries
    Morrison, Terri.
    (view catalog record)
  • Life skills instruction : a practical guide for integrating real-life content
    into the curriculum at the elementary and secondary levels for students with
    special needs or who are placed at risk
    Cronin, Mary E.
    (view catalog record)
  • Light from the east : how the science of medieval Islam helped to shape the
    western world
    Freely, John.
    (view catalog record)
  • Mathematics education for a new era : video games as a medium for learning
    Devlin, Keith J.
    (view catalog record)
  • Mental retardation : an introduction to intellectual disabilities
    Beirne-Smith, Mary.
    (view catalog record)
  • Modern radio production : production, programming and performance
    Hausman, Carl, 1953-
    (view catalog record)
  • Not here, not there, not anywhere : politics, social movements, and the
    disposal of low-level radioactive waste
    Sherman, Daniel J.
    (view catalog record)
  • Serious leisure and nature : sustainable consumption in the outdoors
    Davidson, Lee, 1967-
    (view catalog record)
  • Social security : the inside story : an expert explains your rights and
    Landis, Andy.
    (view catalog record)
  • That used to be us : how America fell behind in the world it invented and how
    we can come back
    Friedman, Thomas L.
    (view catalog record)
  • The care of strangers : the rise of America’s hospital system
    Rosenberg, Charles E.
    (view catalog record)
  • The innovative university : changing the DNA of higher education from the
    inside out
    Christensen, Clayton M.
    (view catalog record)
  • The natural navigator : a watchful explorer’s guide to a nearly forgotten skill
    Gooley, Tristan.
    (view catalog record)
  • The nun; translated from the French with an introd. by Leonard Tancock.
    Diderot, Denis, 1713-1784.
    (view catalog record)
  • The suffering of light : thirty years of photographs by Alex Webb
    Webb, Alex, 1952-
    (view catalog record)
  • Town meeting : practicing democracy in rural New England
    Robinson, Donald L., 1936-
    (view catalog record)
  • Young people and alcohol : impact, policy, prevention, treatment
    Saunders, John B. (John Barrington), 1949-
    (view catalog record)


  • Conservation psychology : understanding and promoting
    human care for nature
    Clayton, Susan.
    (view catalog record)
  • Quantitative conservation of vertebrates
    Conroy, Michael J. (Michael James), 1952-
    (view catalog record)
  • Rationalizing epidemics : meanings and uses of American
    Indian mortality since 1600
    Jones, David S. (David Shumway)
    (view catalog record)

Reference Collection

  • Statistical abstract of the United States / prepared by the chief of the Bureau
    of Statistics, Treasury Department.
    (view catalog record)

Vermont Collection

  • Acts and resolves passed by the General Assembly of the state of Vermont.
    (view catalog record)

Juvenile Collection

Casual Collection