October 5, 2015

Borrowing from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Items not available from the Library’s collections may be available from other libraries through interlibrary loan (ILL).

Journal, magazine and newspaper articles

  • Make sure you have the complete citation of the article you need: article title, publication author(s), title, date, volume, issue.
  • If the article is not available in the Library’s collections, fill out the Article Request Form.
  • Articles are normally emailed to the borrower’s LSC address as PDFs or URLs.

Books and other items

  • Check the VSC Catalog. Items from other VSC libraries (Castleton State College, Johnson State College and Hartness Library) can be requested for delivery via the “Place a Request” link.
  • If the article is not available in the VSC Catalog, fill out the Book Request Form.
  • Books and other items are placed at the InfoDesk and a notification message is emailed.


Current Lyndon State College students, faculty and staff and officially-retired Lyndon State College faculty and staff may use the SRH Library ILL service. Guest borrowers are directed to their local public library for ILL services. Guest borrowers are community members who are not currently employed by, nor officially retired from, Lyndon State College. Due to the cost of ILL, the Library cannot make exceptions to this policy.

Many ILL requests can be provided within a week, but delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Allow up to two weeks.

Loan periods and renewals are determined by the lending library. The LSC Library can request extensions or renewals, but these are granted at the discretion of the lending library.

Borrowers are responsible for the return of borrowed materials by the due date. They are also responsible for any replacement charges from the lending library if the item is damaged or cannot be returned.

The guidelines for this service are set by the Vermont Interlibrary Loan Policy, the National Interlibrary Loan code and the restrictions of lending libraries.

Contact us

For more information or assistance with ILL, come to the Library, email ill@lyndonstate.edu or call (802) 626-6449.